Umbrella Insurance

It sure is frustrating to be caught in a rain storm without an umbrella; the same can be said when dealing with an unfortunate situation in which expenses surpass your insurance coverage amounts. Umbrella coverage exists to provide that extra protection during life’s rain storms.

Accidents happen and sometimes they can result in a financial catastrophe for you. Even with insurance, a car accidents or slip in fall can result in expenses far beyond your insurance coverage limits. You may be liable for a large amount of expenses but with Umbrella Insurance you can protect yourself from such a situation. Umbrella insurance is coverage that kicks in once your primary insurance coverage runs out. It also can offer coverage for many situations that may not be covered by typical liability policies.

Not sure if you need umbrella coverage or how much coverage you need, we can help!

Umbrella coverage limits range from $1 million to $10 million. Deciding the type of Umbrella Insurance you may need can be determined by following these quick steps:

  • Add up your assets. This includes value of your home, cars, recreational vehicles, the amount of money tied up in your bank account, bonds, stocks, 401K and other valuable belongings.
  • Review the liability coverage on the items you have insured.
  • Determine if your current liability policies cover all your assets.

If you determine that you do not have ample coverage for all of your assets then it is time you look into Umbrella Insurance. Our licensed agents are here to answer all your questions and provide you with a free quote for the best type of coverage that best suits your described needs. We will guide you through the type of coverage’s available and discuss a variety of payment options.

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