Living in a condo or co-op has many perks, one being that insurance is a worry for the condo association, or is it? In actuality there’s a possibility that the master policy your condo association or co-op corporation has purchased does not cover your personal belongings or the interior walls of your unit and this is definitely something for you to worry about. Don’t worry, we have the solution, condominium or co-op insurance.

With condo or co-op insurance you can have the peace of mind that your personal property is protected. This type of insurance helps you in case of a fire or a burglary, it insures your interior fixtures and protects the insured from any accidents that can occur inside the unit. It’s a must have for those enjoying the comfort of condo/co-op living.

Avoid paying too much!

When you call Coastal Insurance Group we will discuss the special discount programs available to condo residents. A few additional features in your unit can help you save on your insurance costs, ask us for more information.
Also ask us about the various payment plans we offer!
Get more information on how you can obtain affordable coverage with an online quote or call us at 305-887-5999. There is a Coastal Insurance Group licensed agent ready to serve you Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00.